(Frequently Asked Questions)
I have the best contract possible. There’s no room for improvement.

We heard this many times and we frecuently prove that is not the case. Our accumulated benchmark know how and negotiation experience during all these years, has made us capable of pint pointing the improvements needed that make a difference as in most cases we even have more knowledge than the vendor part involved in the negotiation.


I have this task already sorted internally and with the data provided by my providers.

Even this may be true in part, with Telcomunity you will have the specilised tools and know how to go a step further, avoid inneficient internal cost investments and have a integral solution for all the departments involved ensuring a ROI.


I am going to request my vendor with the data I need, and use my own team to analyse it.

These in most cases results in little response, data incompleted and hence wrong decissions. We will like to prove you wrong with a free trial, so ypou may compare and prove it ypur self.


My IT department can develop a solution to solve this, and I already have people capable of dealing with cost control.

Excellent news, but imagine what they will be capable of doing in far less time with far more information. What ROI do you expect from dedicating your resources to develop non core procedures? Maintaining them updated with market changes, invoice format, change of provider?


We are too complex and I have my inventory under control.

Excellent news, we love complexity. With us, you could also have much more vision and tracking that will result in futher optimizations.


I know that there are some invoice mistakes, but I have them controled, my case is different.

From Telcomunity we can guratee 100% of errors controled (even the ones that benefit you) facilitating the reporting neccesarry to ensure a simple claiming and tracking.


Mi tlecom expenditure is not my main concern, I do not have time for this.

We understand that Telecom expenditure is a secondary cost category for you, but telecomunications is for sure key to your business. If you let us deal with it, the ROI will convince you year after year, but your users experience the capacity of detecting missusages or current or future needs will return in efficiencies that witll be accounted directly in your profit botton line.

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